Kobe, you busted my lip without even touching me!

Look Kobe, here's my secret why Queensbridge chicks love me.

The calls are getting really bad in these NBA playoffs. First they called an elbow on Dwight Howard that misses the target and suspended him for a game. Secondly, there's no flagrant call on Rondo when he clearly busted Miller's mouth that require stitches. The ball was nowhere near so it must be intentional and Rondo's fist is closed when it hit Brad's face. Then they called a Flagrant 2 on Artest's hard foul on Gasol which should just be Flagrant 1 the most or no Flagrant at all.

Now this, Kobe called for a technical for no reason at all and minutes afterwards Farmar was called for touch foul (not sure if Brooks even felt it).


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