7 year-old boy driving in police chase

A 7 year-old boy stole the car keys and escaped in his father’s white Dodge Intrepid in an attempt to avoid going to church on Sunday morning. The boy ran a stop sign and almost hit another driver before leading officers in a low-speed car chase.

The 7 year-old managed to escape the officers, made his way home and ran to hide inside the house. Fortunately, no one was hurt but the little boy can’t be prosecuted since he is too young. No citations were issued, however, his daddy was advised to keep his car keys in a place more inaccessible to children.

“Another deputy from the other direction pulled into the intersection and stopped to block the intersection, turned on his lights,” said Cpt. Clint Anderson of the Weber County Sheriff’s Office. “Instead of stopping the car, this white Intrepid turned down another street.”

Michael Jackson's Final Goodbye

People from all walks of life, from every race, white, yellow, black joined and said their final goodbyes to Michael Jackson.

Celebrities also made their way to their seats in front of the stage: Kobe Bryant, Spike Lee, Wesley Snipes, Lou Ferrigno, Don King, the Kardashian sisters, Magic Johnson, Brooke Shields, Larry King. While Jackson was among the most famous faces in the world, today’s megastars were largely absent. Those present mostly reflected some connection to Jackson’s life or work.
Among those conspicuously not in attendance were Elizabeth Taylor, Ross and Debbie Rowe, Jackson’s ex-wife and the mother of Jackson’s two oldest children.

The memorial was not spectacular, extravagant or bizarre. There were songs and tears but little dancing. Instead, Michael Jackson’s memorial was a somber, spiritual ceremony that reached back for the essence of the man.

Singer, dancer, superstar, humanitarian: That was how the some 20,000 people gathered inside the Staples Center arena on Tuesday, and untold millions watching around the world, remembered Jackson, whose immense talents almost drowned beneath the spectacle of his life and fame.

If there was a shocking moment, it came in the form of Jackson’s daughter, Paris-Michael, who made the first public statement of her 11 years.

“Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine,” she said, dissolving into tears and turning into the embrace of her aunt Janet. “And I just wanted to say I love him — so much.”

This is when I lost it. Suddenly I felt the pain the young 11 year old was feeling at the moment. I have my own little child too so I can't imagine my son having the same emotions.

Michael still captures the heart of millions around the glove, even more than a week after he died. Truly the most famous and loved person in the whole world.

In death, as in life, Michael Jackson remains a product — bought, sold and looked upon, scorned and glorified and admired. And still, forever, coveted.

Rest in Peace Michael.

Google Voice + Gizmo = Free Calls

I recently switched my GrandCentral account over to Google Voice. I tinkered around with Google Voice quite a bit and was quite impressed by the many features. Coupled that with Gizmo which provides a free forwarding service and you got a free outbound service to US numbers.

Here’s the rundown on how to do to that.

1) Get Google Voice if you don't already have one. (Right now you need to put yourself in the list so you'll receive invite from Google for a free Google voice account)

2) Create a free Gizmo account. It's free too so just go to Gizmo website and creat an account there.

3) In your Google Voice settings, add the ‘SIP’ address that Gizmo gives you to your Google Voice account, selecting ‘Gizmo’ as the type of number. (Detailed instructions.)

4) Download and Install Gizmo on your PC.

5) Use Google Voice’s web interface to tell it to call whatever US number you want, selecting your Gizmo number as the one to ring when connecting. (Gizmo offers incoming calls for free; telling Google Voice to initiate a call and ring your Gizmo is technically an incoming call, even when you’re calling a friend.)

6) Answer your Gizmo and voila! you are now connected to the US number you just called without costing you anything.

Check this Google Voice forum topic for more details -> http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/voice/thread?tid=16817c950860c1fb&hl=en

Michael Jackson's last rehearsal video

I saw this on MSN just now and thought of putting it here. Michael isn't the same as the MJ of 80's or 90's but still impressive for a 50 year old. It says this was a full dress rehearsal for a complete 90 minute concert. The video was taken less than 48 hours before Michael's death.

Yemeni Plane crashes with one survivor

Another plane crashes this month. The previous one was on first day of June and now it's the last day of June. The Yemeni jetliner carrying 153 people crashed into the Indian Ocean on Tuesday in Moroni, Comoros as it attempted to land amid severe turbulence and howling winds. Officials said a teenage girl was plucked from the sea, the only known survivor.

"So far, only one young girl survived the crash, while five bodies have been located," the Yemen Embassy in Washington, D.C., said in a statement, citing information from Yemeni Civil Aviation Authorities.

"The young girl was rescued and admitted to a local hospital in Moroni," the capital of Comoros, the statement said.

The crash in waters off this island nation came two years after aviation officials reported equipment faults with the plane, an aging Airbus 310 flying the last leg of a Yemenia airlines flight from Paris and Marseille to Comoros, with a stop in Yemen to change planes.
Most of the passengers were from Comoros, a former French colony. Sixty-six on board were French nationals.

Yemeni civil aviation deputy chief Mohammed Abdul Qader said the flight data recorder had not been found and it was too early to speculate on the cause of the crash. But he said the wind was 40 miles per hour as the plane was landing in the middle of the night.

"The weather was very bad," he said, adding the windy conditions hampered rescue efforts.
The Yemenia plane was the second Airbus to crash into the sea this month. An Air France Airbus A330-200 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, killing all 228 people on board, as it flew from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

The Comoros is an archipelago of three main islands situated 1,800 miles south of Yemen, between Africa's southeastern coast and the island of Madagascar. It is a former French colony of 700,000 people.