7 year-old boy driving in police chase

A 7 year-old boy stole the car keys and escaped in his father’s white Dodge Intrepid in an attempt to avoid going to church on Sunday morning. The boy ran a stop sign and almost hit another driver before leading officers in a low-speed car chase.

The 7 year-old managed to escape the officers, made his way home and ran to hide inside the house. Fortunately, no one was hurt but the little boy can’t be prosecuted since he is too young. No citations were issued, however, his daddy was advised to keep his car keys in a place more inaccessible to children.

“Another deputy from the other direction pulled into the intersection and stopped to block the intersection, turned on his lights,” said Cpt. Clint Anderson of the Weber County Sheriff’s Office. “Instead of stopping the car, this white Intrepid turned down another street.”


Raanana said...

This video is obviously such a set-up. There's no way a child could have driven the car like that. And how come, he doesn't pass even one person or even another car .... and then stops dead and gets out?

Zahir said...

Well...check the news all over the internet. If it's a set up then its not going to be on the news.