Lakers are back to the NBA Finals

The Los Angeles Lakers has a return trip to the NBA Finals to the tune on 119 - 92 thumping of the Denver Nuggets. Kobe Bryant played as himself and scored 35 points in 60 percent shooting, dished out 10 assist and grabbing 6 rebounds with only 1 turn over. His three-pointer right in the face of J.R. Smith mid fourth quarter gave the Lakers a 101-82 lead and forced Denver Coach George Karl to call a timeout.

The Lakers shot 57.3 percent from the field to avoid having to play a Game 7 in the Western Conference finals back at the Staples Center.

They will finally get some much-needed rest after playing every other day for a grueling two weeks.

These Lakers, who are headed to their record 30th NBA finals and are seeking their 15th title, are a more grizzled group—but also more bruised and battered — than the one that fell to Boston in the finals last year.

“Now we’re in a place where we didn’t get the job accomplished last year,” Bryant said. “Hopefully we will this time.”

The Lakers have been here before, a chance to close out an opponent in a Game 6, the opportunity to get more rest and advance.

But the Lakers failed the last time, when they could have eliminated the Houston Rockets in the sixth game of the Western Conference semifinals but lost by 15 points.

"It's the most fun because it's the most challenging, especially with the team that we're playing and the environment that we're playing in," Kobe Bryant said about playing in a Game 6. "It's going to be a very, very tough game."

The Lakers lost Game 4 here by 19 points, their most lopsided defeat in the playoffs. The Lakers talked after shoot-around today about matching Denver's energy tonight.

Lakers learned their lesson the last series against Houston and made sure they will get Game 6 and close out the series right after the opening tip. This time its their turn to wait for their opponent while the Cleveland Cavaliers whose 8-0 on the last 2previous series was 1-3 against Orlando before stealing Game 5.

Lakers will have 5 days rest no matter what happened to Cleveland - Orlando Eastern Conference Finals.

What To Know About Backlinking

What To Know About Backlinking

Back Linking is the essence that holds the internet together! All the big sites have hundreds of thousands of backlinks and the more you have usually the better. Back linking is an extremely important aspect of SEO development and it is something you need to understand well in order to implement and control it properly.

There are many secrets and mysteries in the SEO world that diligent study can clear up. Back linking provides each company a leg up in achieving the top of search engine ranks. Search engines tally up every instance they run into a website’s address or related content throughout various pages on the World Wide Web.

Sites must have targeted, expert information to prove to the search engines that they are worthy of a particular ranking. It parses website on- and offline for keywords, suggests the most relevant and weighty phrases, analyzes link structure, and many more.

What this means is that the more sites with links that you have leading back to your own, the higher your search rank is going to be. Take some time to consider some of the following methods to get your number of back links up.

Forum posting is a simple way to make a bit of money doing something you already enjoy. Forum Posting having link back in signature to your web site provide Direct Traffic to your web site, the person who read your post can visit your web site. It also provides you Direct One Way Incoming links to your web site which is good way to create one way theme based links.

Article writing and article submission activity is a simple educating method to learn about yourself and others minds as well.

The big advantage here is that you are putting something that is keyword relevant on the web and you are also enhancing you reputation as a provider of good information. You can write the articles yourself, or you can simply have them ghostwritten for a small fee.

Submitting well-written and keyword-rich articles to article directories is good way to promote your business. You get more than one benefit from article marketing. Submitting to article directories can give you good backlinks.

Take some time and consider how back linking can help you; it can go a long way towards getting you where you want to go!

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Dahntay Jones the new Bruce Bowen?

First it was a push now a trip, what would Dahntay Jones do next to Kobe Bryant?

Dahntay Jones, of the Denver Nuggets, is gaining a well-earned reputation as a dirty player. The NBA needs to come down hard on Jones for his push in the back of the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant followed by an inexcusable dirty trip of Bryant in Game 4. Both incident wasn't a flagrant in the eyes of the officials and the trip isn't even a foul. Jones has to be harshly disciplined. That trip could have been much more dangerous. He could have hit Bryant in the shin and we could have had a broken leg, an injured ankle or something else serious. There is no place for dirty play like this in the NBA. This is the playoffs and we can expect good, hard and physical play. But, those two plays are indicative of a guy who is doing things outside of good and hard-nosed basketball.

Dahntay Jones must be suspended.

Update: Jones got a flagrant 1 call after the NBA office reviewed the game. One more flagrant call and he will get 1 game suspension.

Kobe, you busted my lip without even touching me!

Look Kobe, here's my secret why Queensbridge chicks love me.

The calls are getting really bad in these NBA playoffs. First they called an elbow on Dwight Howard that misses the target and suspended him for a game. Secondly, there's no flagrant call on Rondo when he clearly busted Miller's mouth that require stitches. The ball was nowhere near so it must be intentional and Rondo's fist is closed when it hit Brad's face. Then they called a Flagrant 2 on Artest's hard foul on Gasol which should just be Flagrant 1 the most or no Flagrant at all.

Now this, Kobe called for a technical for no reason at all and minutes afterwards Farmar was called for touch foul (not sure if Brooks even felt it).

Pound for Pound King

Party like a Rockstar

Saturday night in Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao (48-3-2) delivered yet again an emphatic victory to take the IBO & Ring Magazine light welterweight crown from Britain’s Ricky Hatton (45-2). Although a 2-1 favorite, Pacman still shocked the boxing world by producing a scintillating and overwhelming performance over the Brit, who is regarded as one of the top pound-for-pounders and no. 1 light welterweight of the world. Pacquiao was so dominating and destructive that he made the Hitman looked like an amateur to finish him in the 2:59 mark in Round 2 after dropping him twice in the first round with his vaunted barrage of punches.

Not even the die-hard Pacquiao fans, including me, could have seen that the end will be as short and brutal as what we had expected to be an even match up between the two warriors. There was no doubt that Pacquiao will win in my mind but it surprised me on how he did it.

It was Oscar De La Hoya first, now Ricky Hatton. The way Manny Pacquiao is handing out beatings, maybe Floyd Mayweather Jr. should have stayed retired.

Pacquiao cemented his claim to being the best pound-for-pound boxer Saturday night with a spectacular performance that ended with Hatton sprawled helplessly on the canvas after a devastating left hand to the head late in the second round.

Coming off a dominating win over De La Hoya, Pacquiao was even better against Hatton, knocking him down two times in the first round before finally stopping him with a vicious left hand that dropped Hatton for good in the 140-pound title bout.

Referee Kenny Bayless took one look at Hatton and declared the fight over at 2:59 of the second round.

“I didn’t have to count,” Bayless said.

Hatton laid on the canvas for several minutes while doctors tended to him before finally leaving the ring with a wry smile on his face. He was taken to a local hospital for a precautionary brain scan.

Pacquiao was always supposed to be quicker than Hatton, but he was also a lot stronger—and a lot more accurate. He landed 73 of his 127 punches in the fight in a display that had to catch the attention of Mayweather, who earlier in the day said he would return to the ring for a July 18 fight against Juan Manuel Marquez.

Hatton, meanwhile, connected on only 18 of 78 punches, according to ringside stats.

“I’m surprised the fight was so easy,” Pacquiao said. “He was wide open for the right hook. I knew he would be looking for my left.”

Pacquiao had the perfect game plan for Hatton, evading his bullying rushes and then picking him apart with counter punches. The performance was even more stunning because Hatton had lost only once and has been a world-class fighter for years.

“Are you happy?” Pacquiao asked promoter Bob Arum in the ring afterward.

“You’re going to be the greatest fighter who ever lived,” Arum replied.

That would take some doing, but on this night Pacquiao staked a claim to greatness that few would have thought possible before he scored his big upset over De La Hoya last December.

Pacaquiao needed less than half a round to figure out the onrushing Hatton, hitting him with a flurry of punches midway through the first round before putting him down for the first time with a right hook to the head. Hatton got up at the count of eight but Pacquiao landed another flurry and dropped him again just before the end of the round.

Hatton attempted to carry the fight to Pacquiao in the second round but was mostly ineffective as Pacquiao sized him up for a big punch. It finally came at the end of the round when he landed a left cross that flattened the English fighter.

“It was a hard loss but I’m OK,” Hatton said. “I really didn’t see the punch coming but it was a great shot. I know I’ll be OK.”

Pacquiao was a 2-1 favorite, but few thought Hatton would go easily. His only loss came when he was stopped in the 10th round by Mayweather Jr., and he built a career and a reputation as a tough and aggressive fighter who wore his opponents down.

But he stood no chance against Pacquiao, whose punches came straight down the middle and landed with increasing frequency as the fight went on.

“I was just doing my job,” said Pacquiao, who is a national hero in the Philippines and is fast becoming a hero among boxing fans. “I always try to do my best in the ring.”

Pacquiao’s best on this night quickly quieted a boisterous crowd of 16,262 at the MGM Grand arena, many of them who came over from England to sing and chant Hatton’s praises. They didn’t even get a chance to warm up, though, before Hatton was on the canvas for the first time of the night.

“The fight was no surprise to me,” Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, said. “We know he always pumps his hands before he throws a punch. He’s a sucker for the right hook.”

On the same day Mayweather announced his return to the ring, Pacquiao stole the undefeated former champion’s thunder with a performance that was so lopsided it looked like a sparring session. Even more impressive, it came in only his third fight over 130 pounds.

Pacquiao weighed 138 pounds for the fight to 140 for Hatton, and was fighting a bigger man for the second time in a row. But nothing seems to bother the boxer who is so popular at home that there is talk of him running for president some day.

Pacquiao (49-3-2, 37 knockouts) earned $12 million for the fight, while Hatton (45-2) was paid $8 million.