Dahntay Jones the new Bruce Bowen?

First it was a push now a trip, what would Dahntay Jones do next to Kobe Bryant?

Dahntay Jones, of the Denver Nuggets, is gaining a well-earned reputation as a dirty player. The NBA needs to come down hard on Jones for his push in the back of the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant followed by an inexcusable dirty trip of Bryant in Game 4. Both incident wasn't a flagrant in the eyes of the officials and the trip isn't even a foul. Jones has to be harshly disciplined. That trip could have been much more dangerous. He could have hit Bryant in the shin and we could have had a broken leg, an injured ankle or something else serious. There is no place for dirty play like this in the NBA. This is the playoffs and we can expect good, hard and physical play. But, those two plays are indicative of a guy who is doing things outside of good and hard-nosed basketball.

Dahntay Jones must be suspended.

Update: Jones got a flagrant 1 call after the NBA office reviewed the game. One more flagrant call and he will get 1 game suspension.