Samsung LN-T3253H HDTV

The good: The Samsung LN-T3253H HDTV produces relatively deep blacks with fine shadow detail; accurate color; slick styling; scads of picture controls; superb connectivity with one PC and three HDMI inputs.

The bad: Expensive compared to bargain models, but definitely cheaper than Sony and Panasonic; grayscale tends toward blue in darker areas.

The bottom line: Great style, oodles of features, and a solid picture combine to make the Samsung LN-T3253H one of the best LCD TVs available at its size.

We were bitten by the LCD HDTV bug last month and we decided to get the Samsung LN-T3253H HDTV after weighing in its price, features, design over other LCD brands.

For an LCD, the Samsung LN-T3253H delivered fairly even uniformity across the screen. In terms of standard-definition performance, the Samsung turned in a decent performance when displaying most of the images and test patterns from the HQV DVD. It smoothed out the jagged edges of moving diagonal lines very well, including the difficult stripes in a waving American flag.

We also hooked up the Samsung's VGA input and tested it as a computer monitor. At 1,360x768 resolution, the image looked crisp with text down to a 10-point font, and according to DisplayMate the Samsung resolved every line of that resolution. The set is also equipped with a Home Theater PC mode that dimmed the image a bit and helped improve the picture to our eyes. Of course you can get the best results by adjusting the TV's standard picture controls, but the HTPC mode does provide a quick option.

The Samsung LCD is the best bang for the back and we are completely satisfied with our choice.