I have been fed up with my long-distance provider for months now. I did a lot of research to look for a reliable company. Believe me I spent many days looking at all the companies. One day I came across a review on OneSuite. I was intrigued but wasn’t convinced until I went to their website, I decided to bite the bullet and tried it since there was no startup fee, etc. I have been pleased for three weeks. No problems and I can call my friends in Asia and in Europe for little cost. Serious cheap rates. I had one problem regarding connection but hung up and tried again and the problem was gone. Putting more money on my card is convenient, easy and fast. I can do everything over the Internet.

I also bought calling cards in the past and there is always about 12 numbers that are meaningless and that, in a pinch, if you don’t have your card, you can’t call. With OneSuite, I just saved the 800 number into my cell phone and registered my mobile number as a ZipDial so I don't need to type in my PIN when making calls. I’ve used it in the states to call Germany, and vice versa when traveling.

I believe my search for a cheap long distance phone provider is over. The only thing that would make me switch now is if someone gives me a free card with plenty of minutes.


Jeremy said...

Hey I'm a satisfied Onesuite user and just like you I went into process of trying different cards before I finally made up my mind to stick with Onesuite. I know Onesuite is not perfect but it's the best service I experience compare to other phone cards out there. I hope Onesuite can maintain their low rates and quality lines so I wouldn't need to find another phone card.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually leave comments on blogs but I got to agree with ZXT. Onesuite has been very reliable and their rates to Asia especially to the Philippines.