Egoistic Lewis Hamilton in Japan

That was a really really bad move from Lewis. Kimi could have won it if it isn't for that lousy manouver by Hamilton. He couldn't take Kimi was able to pull ahead and got the lead going to the first corner so he outbraked himself together with the whole pack. Kimi, Massa and the others has no where to go but straight. Then on the last lap, what the hell was that move hurrying Alonso to a mistake? He is not racing Fernando and he's in 12th position, passing Alonso won't help him in anyway whatsoever.
Lewis are getting more reckless as ever. Even Ron Dennis voiced out his disappointment about Lewis's first lap mistake after giving information prior to the race that Lewis WON'T fight for the lead at the first corner if he got beaten already. He almost sideswipe Kovy in the process by the way and good thing Kovy anticipated it and veered his car to the right in an instant. Looks like de javu once again for Lewis.

Congrats to Alonso a truly genuine win but there's still if again...Kimi, Massa, Kovy and Lewis should be ahead of him on the 2nd lap if it wasn't for that egoistic move by Hammy. Too bad for Kimi, that 2nd place is up there for the taking but I guess his Ferrari isn't faster enough. Massa could also avoid that collision, if it wasn't for that then maybe he's up there 4th or even 3rd.
Current Standings:

01 Lewis Hamilton 84
02 Felipe Massa 79
03 Robert Kubica 72
04 Kimi Räikkönen 63
05 Nick Heidfeld 56
06 Heikki Kovalainen 51
07 Fernando Alonso 48
08 Sebastian Vettel 30
09 Jarno Trulli 30
10 Mark Webber 21

01 Ferrari 142
02 McLaren-Mercedes 135
03 BMW Sauber 128
04 Renault 66
05 Toyota 50
06 STR-Ferrari 34
07 Red Bull-Renault 29
08 Williams-Toyota 26
09 Honda 14
10 Force India-Ferrari 0


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