So you want to save on long distance calls?

If you are new to the idea of using prepaid phone cards for your communication use, then you might want to read on to get acquainted with some of the commonly asked questions regarding its use.

You can always check them out one-by-one in the market, but being equipped with some of the questions being asked in regards to purchase and use of this communication media will help you pick the perfect one that will fit your calling needs without stressing yourself out.

Question 1: What Are Prepaid Phone Cards?

Before you start using prepaid phone cards, it is always advisable to get to know them better first to maximize its use. For starters, prepaid phone cards are the latest trend in communication media. It will allow an individual to call local or overseas without being subscribed to a regular telecom service.

Each phone card comes with their own specific denomination that is equal to the call credits in it that will be deducted every time you make a call. You can also purchase cards that can be reloaded with more minutes using a reload card or a credit card. They can be used in various communication devices available today, such as regular telephone and mobile lines, pay phones you see in the streets, or through Web-based applications (VoIP) offered by your prepaid phone card provider.

Question 2: How Do You Make Calls With Them?

Prepaid phone cards are quite easy to use. You just need to connect to the service by dialing the toll-free number or local access number found in each card. Once the operator verifies your account, and you have sufficient funds in your credit, you can just punch in the number you want to call and voila! You're connected. Also a lot of phone cards now doesn't have an operator and instead has a voice recording for instructions.

Question 3: Do These Cards Have Any Security Feature?

Actually, there are three types of cards being sold today: 1) cards with PIN feature, 2) PIN-less dialing feature and 3) Both with PIN and Pin-less feature. Cards with PIN (personal identification number) require you to give an authorization code to the voice operator or voice recording to use your account. This is perfect if you don’t want anyone to make use of your prepaid phone card to budget your calls. PIN-less dialing prepaid phone cards have no security features attached to them. They are quite useful in making emergency calls, since you don’t have to verify your account to use the service. Note, however, that this type of card is vulnerable to outside usage. prepaid phone card offers both the PIN and Pin-less dialing. PIN-less dialing can be set up on your home phone or mobile phone.

Question 4: Where Can I Buy One?

There are two ways to purchase a prepaid phone card. You can buy them in gas stops, communication shops, or in department stores in your area. They are even sold in vending machines that you see on the sidewalk. If you are one of those people that are not fond of going out of the house, you can purchase one over the Internet if you have a computer with a connection to the Web -- though you need a credit card or debit card for the latter to complete the transaction. Buying through the internet using your credit card actually gives better insurance if the card you got is no good or a scam.

Bottom line is, prepaid phone card is the cheap and practical way of making long distance calls just make sure you get a good one. You can check online forum or Google if the phone card you think is good is really good.


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